Join the Dance

Join the Dance was a mixed abilities dance work commissioned by the Minnesota Chorale in partnership with the Courage Center and Young Dance. Choreographed by Elizabeth Johnson and Cassie Meador, a project of Dance Exchange. November 2011.


Another Song from the Bridges concert of the Minnesota Chorale. Performance at the SPCO Center in St. Paul, MN November 19, 2011. The MN Chorale in collaboration with Courage Center, the Dance Exchange, VSA MN and Young Dance. Kathy Romey, conducting. CHorography by Elizabeth Johnson and Cassie Meador


Minnesota Chorale Bridges performance November 2011 at the SPCO Center. World premier of Sagitta by Mary Ellen Childs. Choreography by Elizabeth Johnson and Cassie Meador.

A site-based mixed abilities duet created with a for Sarah Della Cramer and Allyson Yoder. Performed informally as part of the opening of a disabilities studies symposium at Arizona State University's School of Social Transformation. Choreography by Elizabeth Johnson and the dancers.